• JunkFood - nutritious food for the most vulnerable

    Everyone in our society is severely effected by the Corona crisis, but for some the situation is extremely urgent. While citizens are encouraged to...
  • Motherhood

    In honor of Mother’s Day 〰️let's celebrate motherhood   By Trine Tuxen I have so much love for my own mom and I respect and honor her calmness, pat...
  • Interview in Impact x Jyllands-Posten

  • Trine Tuxen Jewelry x LuisaViaRoma Collaboration

    Together with Italian multi brand store LuisaViaRoma we've created a capsule collection inspired by pasta in true Italian style. The collection consists of three pieces: the Farfalle Hair Clip, the Ravioli Necklace and the Conchiglie Hoop
  • Flagship Store Photoshoot

    Take a look inside the Trine Tuxen Flagship store. The space is filled with carefully selected items and custom made furniture - all contributing to a feeling of quality and warmth where you'll feel welcome and want to explore.
  • Winner of 'Jewelry Collection of the Year' at ELLE Style Awards 2019

    The V collection won Jewelry Collection of the Year at ELLE Style Awards 2019.

    This award goes to the most unique, beautiful and sacred body part of all women - the vagina! 

  • Nominated for ELLE Style Awards 2019

    We are so honored and happy that Trine Tuxen Jewelry's V-collection is nominated for 'Jewelry collection of the year' at ELLE Style Awards 2019!
  • Fortune Cookie Launch Event

    To celebrate the launch of the Fortune Cookie Necklace a Chinese inspired event was held March 21 in the Trine Tuxen Flagship store. For the occasion the store was decorated with waving Maneki-nekos, China boxes and noodles.

  • Introducing the Fortune Cookie Necklace

    The motivation behind the Fortune Cookie Necklace is that Trine Tuxen wanted to immortalize the cookie and give it the same focus as the little saying within. That's why this cookie luckily won't brake even though it is "cracked" open. 
  • article about Trine Tuxen has written a great article about the opening of the Trine Tuxen flagship store based on an interview with Trine Tuxen herself. 
  • Blanche SS19

    At Copenhagen Fashion week SS19 Trine Tuxen styled the Blanche opening show with pieces from the V collection.