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    We talked to Trine about motherhood and how becoming a mother to her son Emmet has inevitably changed her perspective on life.     When do you fee...
  • What seeds Emilie Lilja's heart

    We truly admire Emilie Lilja, - she’s such a loving person that burns to do a difference.  She spends so much though and energy to voice out what’s...

    A new store, a new beginning, a new home - Elmegade 5 December 8th 2022, in the heart of Nørrebro, Trine Tuxen opened a new store that embraces ...
  • A conversation with Wood Wood

    We had Wood Wood visiting Trine’s studio space, to talk about design process, jewelry and ceramics.  Read the full interview HERE ...
  • JunkFood - nutritious food for the most vulnerable

    Everyone in our society is severely effected by the Corona crisis, but for some the situation is extremely urgent. While citizens are encouraged to...
  • Motherhood

    In honor of Mother’s Day 〰️let's celebrate motherhood   By Trine Tuxen I have so much love for my own mom and I respect and honor her calmness, pat...
  • Trine Tuxen Jewelry x LuisaViaRoma Collaboration

    Together with Italian multi brand store LuisaViaRoma we've created a capsule collection inspired by pasta in true Italian style. The collection consists of three pieces: the Farfalle Hair Clip, the Ravioli Necklace and the Conchiglie Hoop
  • Flagship Store Photoshoot

    Take a look inside the Trine Tuxen Flagship store. The space is filled with carefully selected items and custom made furniture - all contributing to a feeling of quality and warmth where you'll feel welcome and want to explore.
  • Winner of 'Jewelry Collection of the Year' at ELLE Style Awards 2019

    The V collection won Jewelry Collection of the Year at ELLE Style Awards 2019.

    This award goes to the most unique, beautiful and sacred body part of all women - the vagina! 

  • Nominated for ELLE Style Awards 2019

    We are so honored and happy that Trine Tuxen Jewelry's V-collection is nominated for 'Jewelry collection of the year' at ELLE Style Awards 2019!
  • article about Trine Tuxen has written a great article about the opening of the Trine Tuxen flagship store based on an interview with Trine Tuxen herself.