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In honor of Mother’s Day 〰️let's celebrate motherhood


By Trine Tuxen

I have so much love for my own mom and I respect and honor her calmness, patience, and strong ability to set aside her own desires.

Recently, I have become a mother myself. And this experience has given me even more admiration for my own mother, understanding that motherhood is very rewarding and extremely hard and challenging at the same time. It raises so many questions and no two days are alike.  

Here is what I have experienced about being a mother so far, besides no sleep, 30-minutes naps and a completely changed and complex reality.

While I feel blessed that I have been able to give birth to a little healthy baby boy last year who is growing and learning faster than the speed of light, I am also learning new things every single day (in same fast pace, just without sleep). I have learned things about motherhood the past months, which I only understand now that I am a mother myself. For instance, I have always seen myself as a person with a strong intuition, but after becoming a first-time parent I have had so many questions and a strong fear of not doing things right or not being a good enough mother. People around me have advised me to ‘trust my gut and go with my intuition’, but for the first time in my life I haven’t had a strong intuition to guide me or help me navigate. I was completely blank. Did I just lose my strong intuition to motherhood? 

Putting yourself aside to completely focus on your child is really a game-changer. And I have never experienced so much doubt about little things and big things, and my head is filled with all these questions everyday, like; am I doing this right, is he all right? 

I have come to realize that being a mother is filled with bias. It is a life-challenging task where you give the best of you to your kind, hoping for the best possible outcome. And it takes time to adapt and adjust to this new life task of motherhood. It is not always easy and this lifetime commitment is ambiguous in a way, filled with bad days and good days, but always overshined by an overwhelming tireless love.

I have also experienced that running a business and becoming a first-time mother at the same time is not as straightforward as I imagined, and it is at times difficult to find the right balance. But I feel privileged that I am able to do it all together, even though I miss an actual routine I can rely on.

In the meantime, I will strive to fill my son with love, courage, and integrity and try not to fail too much in this process.

I wish you all a happy Mothers Day <3


Here is a selection of jewelry, I would give my mother on Mothers Day, just because she is doing an amazing job!

Ava ring - instead of buying your mom real flowers, you could give a flower endless lifetime with Ava ring. The ring is inspired by the flower anthurium 

Georgia necklace - reason why I’ll suggest this one necklace is because it’s my own mother’s favorite piece. It too means the world to me, since it reminds me that imperfection is perfect. And that we need to love and embrace the way we look. 

Birthstone rings - such a personal treat. You could either chose your moms birthstone or your own. Or how about connecting the 2??? 

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