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We talked to Trine about motherhood and how becoming a mother to her son Emmet has inevitably changed her perspective on life.  


When do you feel most connected to Emmet?
I feel the most connected to Emmet when we’re using our creative minds together, so I often spend time with him at my studio, working with clay and beads. Emmet has a great fantasy and I really enjoy it when we’re playing games at home and we both get carried away and end up turning the apartment into a beach or a dinosaur park. 
We’re both very physical and enjoy climbing, dancing and biking together. Sharing the same interest is amazing and I feel a strong bond with him when we share experiences together. 


When do you feel like a good mom?
I feel like a good mom, when I’m capable of acknowledging my own mistakes, take responsibility for them and apologize. I’ve learned and accepted that it’s impossible to strive for perfection. I constantly want to improve and work on my own patterns and make notion to the areas and situations where I can improve. It’s never too late to apologize and repair. 


How do you balance motherhood and growing your own business?
It’s a tricky and difficult balance. Sometimes I need to be reminded that I’m spending too much time working. I’m trying to separate the two by working faster and more focused when I’m at work and leave work behind when I come home. A small but essential change has been leaving my phone in my bag when I get home, so I don’t get too distracted and which allows me to get sucked into Emmets imagination and world of games. 



Do you feel like your life before becoming a mother and your life as a mother can co-exist?
Life will change when you become someone’s mother, that’s inevitable but I remember that it still came as a bit of a shock to me. I was 35 when I had Emmet and before becoming a mother, I had always lived a very independent life. I still find it difficult to find time to see my friends, workout and spend time alone, but over time I have come to accept, that right now I have to prioritize, value and cherish the time with Emmet. Later I hope that my friendships can get a new beginning, where there will be time for moments to get sucked into conversation where I can be fully present with all the other loves in my life.  


Which values do you want to bring to Emmet? 
Honesty towards yourself and others. Taking responsibility. Trusting your own emotions and desires. Love, Physical contact and laughter. 


How has your outlook on life changed since becoming a mother?
I have become aware of truly valuing the present time and being in the moment.