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Lulu Onyx Necklace
Lulu Onyx Necklace
Lulu Onyx Necklace

Lulu Onyx Necklace

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This bold chain is made of large black onyx and a hand moulded silver bead. Since black onyx is said to avoid negative energy, this is the perfect chain to wear to surround yourself with nothing but good energy - and who doesn’t want that. The bold chain looks cool to elevate your everyday look or one a night out. 


Black onyx
steel wire and closing mechanism
925 sterling silver lock 
Sandblasted silver pearl 


The length of this chain measures 44 cm 

The black onyx stones measures 1,1 cm in diameter and the lock measures 1,8 cm in diameter 

The thickness of the sandblasted silver pearl measures 7 mm

Please Note

Please do not shower with this necklace since the wire will soften.


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