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As I am Necklace
As I am Necklace
As I am Necklace
As I am Necklace

As I am Necklace

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Trine Tuxen Jewelry and artist Camilla Skov has joined forces and created a jewelry collection consisting of necklaces with unique, numbered papaya pendants designed and created in ceramic - with a focus on women and the female gender.

The purpose of the is to create a more open dialogue about the female gender and to accept the differences. The conversation about the female body and the 'nobler parts' is largely taboo and with this 'papaya' collection, the message from both women is that it should be easier to open up this conversation.

The little papaya becomes part of the person who carries it, as a loving reminder of diversity and quite simply the acceptance of - ‘As I am’

The pendants are all unique created by artist Camilla Skov. 


925 sterling silver, 14K goldplated
Glazed white clay


The chain measures 50 cm. If you would like the chain to be another length, please contact us with your request. 

The measurements on the papaya pendant are approximates - it can variate with a few millimetres from pendant to pendant.

L: 4,5 cm W: 1,8 cm  H: 1 cm

Please note

Color and measurements can vary since all pieces are made by hand

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