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Min Ven Egg White Velour
Min Ven Egg White Velour
Min Ven Egg White Velour

Min Ven Egg White Velour

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Trine Tuxen x Studio Ven

Trine Tuxen and Studio Ven has joined forces and created a necklace together supporting women and womanhood in the shape of a vagina.

The pendant is named ‘MIN VEN’ both because its a friendly collaboration at crossroads in friendships. Secondly we believe that as a woman, you need to become good friends with you vagina!

MIN VEN is a hand moulded V pendant by Trine Tuxen and attached on individual vintage ribbons, created by Studio Ven. The mix of the 2 materials adds a sensibility and tactile feel. All pieces are unique - just like the shape of the sacred part of a woman.

The ribbons are available in 5 different colors · blue · egg white · brown · green · bordeaux 


925 sterling silver, 14K gold plated
Velour band


The length of the velour band measures 1 meter.