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Under Sun Over Moon Glow
Under Sun Over Moon Glow

Under Sun Over Moon Glow

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Danish based brand that brings balance to your emotional state by their flower remedies.

GLOW is recommended for: self critical feelings, complexions, premature aging, dull skin, breakouts and tired under eye circles.

To glow requires both radiance and confidence. Like a sunrise over the French Riviera, our fourth formula is a blend of wildflowers encouraging a deep glow to the skin. It is a regenerative blend releasing the self-critical and adding a daily renewal of love for oneself. 

This revitalizing formula contains a proprietary blend of crab apple and olive to nourish, purify and uplift the skin. With the addition of cerato and honeysuckle GLOW will inspire confidence and heighten intuition.

Handmade in small batches in Copenhagen, we blend organic flower essences, wild harvested and grown under the sun. The formulas should be used daily, from sunrise to moonlight.


Glow may support:

 radiant skin
 soften skin lines
 relax facial tension
 self love

How to use:

Flower remedies are taken internally in the form of liquid drops. Take 4 drops 4 times a day, under the tongue. One bottle is a month supply if taken as directed. We recommend that you pick the flower formula that reflects your current emotional state. Store out of direct sunlight.


Spring water, Organic vegetable glycerine and a proprietary blend of Organic, wild harvested flower essences. 

Non GMO, vegan. All our flower essences are sourced from the UK countryside made by Bach.