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Sun Over Moon Akut
Sun Over Moon Akut

Sun Over Moon Akut

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Danish based brand that brings balance to your emotional state by their flower remedies.

Akut is recommended for: occasional stress, emergencies, shock and high-stress situations (travel, loss, traumas, fears)

Thriving in a modern day life requires a unique kind of fortitude. You should always have a bottle of AKUT on hand for emergencies or high-stress situations. This fast-acting, all-purpose stress relieving formula neutralizes trauma and shock, and restores calm immediately.

The akut formula contains wild harvested flower essences of rock rose and clematis to support courage, presence of mind and focus. Impatiens and cherry plum give balance when feelings of losing control arise and star of bethlehem softens the impact of shock. Crab apple is added to ease obsessive thoughts, uplift and encourage the positive potential to balance yourself in stressful situations.

Handmade in small batches in Copenhagen, we blend organic flower essences, wild harvested and grown under the sun.


Akut may support:
– focus
– patience
– balanced mind when losing control
– softens impact of shock

How to use:

Flower remedies are taken internally in the form of liquid drops. Take 4 drops every ten minutes of this urgent relief during a crisis. You may also use this formula preventatively, before stressful, uncomfortable situations or at signs of illness. Store out of direct sunlight.


Spring water, Organic vegetable glycerine and a proprietary blend of Organic, wild harvested flower essences. 

Non GMO, vegan.  All our flower essences are sourced from the UK countryside made by Bach.