Introducing the Fortune Cookie Necklace

"I've always loved fortune cookies, not necessarily the taste of them, but the lovely notion of playing with food and the excitement right before reading your destiny or life lesson."

千鑫, Trine Tuxen

The motivation behind the Fortune Cookie Necklace is that Trine Tuxen wanted to immortalize the cookie and give it the same focus as the little saying within. That's why this cookie luckily won't brake even though it is "cracked" open. You can write your own little life lesson/dream/wish to put inside the cookie and carry around your neck.

The necklace launches March 21, 2019 at 4 PM on and in the Trine Tuxen Flagship store on Gl. Kongevej 82, Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Price 1.950 DKK 



Fortune Cookie CatGirl holding Fortune Cookie Cherry Blossom and Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie, Noodles and Girl
Fortune Cookie in China Box
Noodles and Fortune Cookie